The Invincible Need Of Weft Hair- Useful Information To Know

Posted by Admin on June, 20, 2020

Weft hair can be easily attached to the scalp, as they come with a unique tape system. In other words, women can easily tape them to their scalps. They are very beneficial to women as they look very natural, and they do not move around when the women move their head.

Given the fact that these extensions look very natural, women can easily wear them to work, and also to parties and events without any difficulty. Wear them with all types of dresses, beginning from casual attires to fashionable party dresses. They can also be wear with wedding gowns.

Different types of micro weft hair available at Weft Hair Manufacturers in Chennai:
Flat tracks:
This is a special process where the hair can be attached within an hour. At the same time, it is less costly and does not harm your natural hair. Also, you don't require any special gear.
Klix Hair Extensions:
They are special quality Remy hair extensions. The components are applied individually by hand. Also, this is much strong and takes extraordinarily little time for implementation.
Keraloc Hair Extension:
It usages the human hair weft. It is attached with a seal that is resilient to water and so is strong as well as durable.
Glam hair extension:
This uses high-quality hair. It is safe, easy, quick and appropriate. The base is flat and recyclable. Also, it is easy to keep and functions effortlessly for up to 4 months.

Some other methods of wefts
Apart from applying the tapes and strings, there are some other means in which the weft hairs are attached to the clients. Some of them contain the application of glue while others are laced into the natural hair.

Bonded hair extensions:
In this type, the weft is essentially bonded to the hair with the support of adhesives. Occasionally, the stylist may also fasten it to the skin as well. It is much faster and accordingly less expensive than the other methods. However, the toughness of the product differs widely from individual to individual. There are various types of glues presented in the market for bonding. Some of them are resulting from waxes, and some have the medical grade as well.

Braided Hair extension:
In this process, the braid is formed first with your own hand. After that, the weft is stitched on it. The number of tracks will vary rendering to your requests.

Qualities of good Weft Hair Manufacturers in Chennai
The group of companies must be involved for export and import and various products like human hair, sandalwood, cotton swabs and other commodities.
They must have a team of trained, skilled and talented workers who are capable of processing and delivering the best of human hair available in the market.
They must pay attention to customer satisfaction by offering good quality human hair.
Supplies premium quality of human hair and hair products

Other salient features you can get from them:
Timely delivery
State of the art facilities
Dexterous team
Experienced quality controllers
Advanced process technology and sophisticated packaging
Wide distribution network to supply globally

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