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Posted by Admin on August, 17, 2020

There are a lot of things that one must keep in mind before buying Silky Human Hair. First of all, one must know the difference between standard and quality hair extensions. Are you aware of it? No? Well, fret not, here we will be talking about what all things to keep in mind before buying the best quality Silky Human Hair. Scroll down and we are sure you would be a lot more confident to buy your next set after reading this entire article.
1. Check the hair type
The first and the foremost step to take into consideration is the type of the hair. Hair extensions are available in the market in a number of different hair types which range in different shades, lengths and quality, but how do you know which hair type is the best? Silky Human Hair is the set of hair extensions that are classified as the highest quality of hair in the industry. The reason behind the same is the fact that the hair is naturally sourced and the cuticles all face the same direction for natural looking hair extensions. In addition to this, when you buy this sort of hair extension set, you can style or treat it as the same way you would want your hair to be. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions aren't friendly to the heat treatments and have a silicone coating on them. The silicon coating eventually fades away and removes the shine from the extensions as well.
2. Quality of the wefts
The second most important factor to consider is the quality of the wefts. One must check if each weft is professionally sewn to a high standard or not. Also, one must check if any strand is sticking out of the sides or not.
3. Do they shed?
One of the best features of the top quality Silky Human Hair is the fact that it doesn’t shed at all. So yeah, you must check this quality as well before buying any set of the extensions. The goo quality extension won’t shed even after so much of styling. In order to test the quality of the hair extension, run your fingers through the extensions. Your fingers should glide through easily without shedding a lot of hair but only a few strands, if that.
4. Look at the thickness
Now, coming to the thickness of the Silky Human Hair. Along with the fact that your hair extension is not shedding, one should also notice that it is gifted with the same thickness from top to bottom, too. Before buying quality hair extensions, hold a weft up to the light to check whether there are any gaps in between the hair.
5. What clips are they?
Last but not the least, the clips of Silky Human Hair must be of good quality. The clips of the extensions happen to be one of the most significant factors to keep a check on. Do they clip in tightly to your hair? Are they comfortable? Do they cause the wefts to move down your hair? These are all things to consider when determining the quality of your clip in hair extensions.
There are a number of Silky Human Hair Exporters in Chennai, step out and buy the best one that suits your requirements!

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