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Posted by Admin on March, 19, 2020

Human hair gets sacrificed as a ritual in certain customs in India. People go to places of worship and get their heads tonsured as a way of propitiating the Gods. The hair so collected is then auctioned by the temple authorities to generate revenue for the concerned temple. Businesses which specialize in handling the hair and making them into wearable hair plaits of different kinds buy the hair in these auctions. Remy Hair Exporters also purchase the hair from these auctions only and then prepare and sell finished Remy hair collections to their customers.

Hair in Different Hues and Finishes

The significance of this business of offering hair to people who need them is that it is actually human hair only and the colors can also be made to match the normal hair types you come across in the real world. These are black, brown, grey and even white; all these shades can be bought from the Remy Hair Exporters. But there is definitely a separate way of processing the hair and make the Remy hair so that the final product is straight and the cuticles are all in one direction. Once the hair is implanted on the recipient it is hard to tell the difference between normal hair and this artificial hair.

So when you are browsing around for a Remy hair, you will be able to find Remy Single Drawn Black, Blonde, Human, Machine Weft, Natural Grey and Natural White Hair varieties being displayed and you can select from this complete range and order. You can get Remy hair in some other finishes also.

Lot of Efforts Put in to Reach the Hair to the Customers

The processing of human hair to make the different variations requires a lot of efforts. Initially, the hair is sorted, washed and dried. Some amount of chemical treatment has to be given so that any kind of disease or other disorders in the skin of the person whose hair has been collected does not remain. It is only then that the processing for final production is undertaken by the Remy Hair Exporters. Based on their years of experience, they would have a set of customers who would place their regular orders. New customers also come onboard after going through the website and the wide range of hair available. There are clinical uses of this hair for people who have had medical reasons for balding of their heads. Others might use it for fashion or is specific industries like the film and television as well.

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