Natural Human Hair Exporters – Making Use Of Hair To Groom Others

Posted by Admin on March, 19, 2020

People love their hair and take all care to keep it long, strong and stylish. But some are not so lucky. There could be either a genetic defect or other medical conditions due to which they may face issues of falling hair. But then they would like to look as beautiful as any other person with long hair. The only option for them is to go for wearing or for grafting hair on to their scalp. Such people can source natural hair and get the grafting done through a professional hair stylist. There are Natural Human Hair Exporters who supply a variety of hair arrangements to their customers, so that people facing issues of falling air etc can buy and wear them. But the process of preparing these products for exports is quite elaborate and also highly technical.

Collecting and Processing Human Hair

In the Indian context there is the religious belief that by tonsuring their heads offering their hair in temples is one of propitiating the God they worship. It could also be a means of fulfilling a vow. Whatever the reason, there are many big temples in India, especially in the Southern parts of the country, where men and women sacrifice their hair. The temple managements collect these and then auction them. The Natural Human Hair Exporters participate in these auctions and buy hair in large quantities. It is only after this that the real processing of the hair begins.

The factory or the hair processing facility has the arrangements to hackle the hair, clean and wash them thoroughly and stitch them to the desired lengths. Since the hair is collected from a public place and all kinds of people would have given their hair, the cleaning and testing of the human hair are very critical in the process.

Sizing and Shipping

The final process handled by the production team at the Natural Human Hair Exporters’ facility is to prepare the product to be shipped. After the stitching is done, the hair is neatly combed, dressed and then cut to different sizes and then very carefully packed for shipment to the customers worldwide. Many of these processes are handled by machines and the environment is kept absolutely clean to ensure that the employees are also fully protected. Customers placing their orders will specify what type, shade and length of natural human hair they require and the orders will be serviced accordingly. The rest of the activity in terms of implanting the hair is handled at the hair stylists’ end.

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