Hair Care Tips For Straight Bleached Hair Extensions

Posted by Admin on September, 25, 2020

No matter how great your straight bleached hair exporter is, if you do not take regular care of your straight bleached hair extensions then it will ruin with time. When you buy any hair extensions, dealing with dry and dirty hair is the last thing which you might want.
Straight bleached hair extensions can easily become dry and brittle, because of losing their natural oils. Therefore, you should always try to keep your hair extensions well moisturised. The straight bleached hair exporter will provide you with great quality hair extensions but it is your responsibility to maintain the shine, moisture, and overall health of the hair extension.
There are few practices which you should do for maintaining the moisture of straight bleached hair extensions.

Use Conditioner for Nourishment-
• For maintaining the moisture of bleached hair extensions you must have a sulphate-free and colour safe conditioner. After you get hold of the best conditioner for your extensions, you should at least condition your hair 4-5 times a week.
• Doing this will keep your hair extensions both clean and moisturised. You can use colour safe shampoo and clean the hair after that you can use a moisturising conditioner for restoring the moisture and shine along with removing the dry and brittleness.
Oil Your Straight Bleached Hair Extensions-
• Oiling can be extremely hydrating for your bleached hair extensions. It will help in keeping your hair extensions nourished and moisturised. After you’ve cleaned and conditioned your hair extensions the next thing you can do is, seal in some moisture by applying little almond, jojoba, and even some coconut oil as these are considered the best oils for colour treated, bleached hair extensions.
• These oils are not even that heavy so it will not make your hair extensions lose its volume. Also, you just need to take a few drops of oil and apply it on your hair that way it won’t even be greasy.
Practices one should avoid to keep their straight bleached hair extensions healthy.

Try To Avoid Too Much Heat-
• The best straight bleached hair exporter claims that too much heat can highly damage bleached hair extensions. People with bleached hair extensions must avoid too much heat or it can result in permanently frying your hair.
• You can use heat on your hair extensions for styling but not too much. Use it sparingly and also use a heat protector every time you use any hairstyling product.
Avoid Chlorine-
• While swimming always put on a cap. As the chlorine present in the water can make your bleached hair extensions matted and full of tangles.
• And having tangles is the last thing you will want to get on your bleached hair extensions so it’s suggested that you must keep your hair extensions away from chlorine.
Keep these tips in mind to enjoy much longer longevity of your straight bleached hair extensions. As you ladies already invest a lot behind buying a good pair of straight bleached hair extensions, you must take proper care of them for using them a little longer.

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